There is so much pollution and toxic material in the world already, which is why at SRJ Sameday Express, puts a focus on environmental concerns. We believe it is our responsibility to assist where we can, which is why we incorporate eco-friendly procedures within our business model.

This blog post will share information about the environmental focus our business takes and what we are actively doing to help the environment right now.

SAPS Engine Oil

You might be wondering what SAPS stands for; well, it means sulphated ash, phosphorus and Sulphur, which means that it has low-levels of each. All these substances can cause the vehicles DPF to get blocked. When your engine gets blocked, it will increase emissions, which is bad for the environment. We hope that by incorporating SAPS engine oil, we can help reduce our carbon emissions.

DPF’s Fitted

Similarly to SAPS, DPF also helps to reduce emissions. DPF stands for diesel particulate filter and can help reduce air pollution, which is a crucial part of caring for the environment. Our vehicles are fitted with a DPF as it gathers exhaust soot, which means our vehicles are more environmentally friendly. The soot which the filter captures is harmful to the environment; therefore, by collecting it, it will not harm the environment.

Office-based Technology

Our office-based technology helps to minimise driving time, which allows us to put our eco-friendly plan at the focus of our business model. If we can focus on amending and fixing any issues our clients have by using our office-based technology, we can reduce emissions and air pollution completely.

Environmental Commitment

As a courier service, we want to help with your environmental concerns, which means working on incorporating innovative technology in our business where possible. Societies carbon footprints are getting bigger, which is why we want to do our part and shrink ours where we can.

We will continue to work on reducing our carbon footprint by incorporating new technology and improving our systems, vehicles and more.


If you are interested in any further information about our eco-friendly focus, we are happy to answer any questions you might have. For an immediate response, you can contact a member of our dedicated team at SRJ Sameday Express.

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