We are very conscious of the effect that our business has on our environment and the positive difference we can make to our communities by making a few simple changes. It is of paramount importance to us, that we are not only conscious of this, but take action to do all we can to help protect our environment.

Our modern fleet of vans are fitted with diesel particulate filters which minimise the levels of harmful gases which are released into the atmosphere. In addition we use low SAPS (low sulphated ash, phosphorus, sulphur) engine oil which prolongs engine life and increases service intervals.

With our latest office based technology we are able to ensure that our drivers take the most direct route for their deliveries cutting down on unnecessary mileage.

With continual investment into office based technology SRJ Sameday ensure our drivers take direct routes to guarantee minimal impact to the environment and cost to the client.

All our drivers are trained in safe and fuel efficient driving techniques which encourage them to drive responsibly to help reduce vehicle emissions.

As a company we are constantly looking at alternative fuel technology in order to reduce our emissions further.

To support our commitment to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint we have an environmental policy that covers areas such as:

  • Paper free invoicing
  • Recycling office products
  • Energy efficient lighting in our office
  • Purchasing recycled and sustainable products
  • All promotional information transmitted electronically
  • SAFED trained drivers
  • Purchasing modern low emission vehicles