This blog post will explore the safest and most secure way you can send an important and confidential document. We will also introduce the main benefits of using secure documentation courier services, like the ones SRJ Sameday Express offers. We will also highlight the potential risks involved in the services you might currently use to transport important documentation.

Sending important and private documents can be risky business. You want to ensure they are secure and not compromised in any way. How can you possibly keep your documents secure though when external sources could easily access it through your emails?

Security risks

You might believe that your current method of documentation transportation is safe and secure. However, there might be hidden issues you are not aware of. For example, sending important documents as an email leaves your content exposed as there is no encryption and can be accessed by outsiders, due to security issues.

Even faxing important documents can be unstable. This process also doesn’t have any cryptographic protection, leaving it accessible to external sources.

Keeping your documents safe

One way you can keep your confidential and sensitive documents safe is by utilising our document services. We offer track and traceability throughout your documents journey. We can provide you with instant proof of delivery, and that isn’t all.

During transit, you can rest assured your documents will be protected as we offer secure deliveries. To add to our security measures, all our drivers are CRB checked. They carry their company identification with them, so you can clarify who they are.

In addition, our vehicles have a load compartment, which can be secured using tamper-proof seals, once your documents are placed inside. All seal numbers are recorded on our delivery paperwork. It is then verified with you, and the recipient of the document.


Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind so that you are not concerned with potentially leaked information that should remain confidential. We strive for security, protection, and professionalism, so you can rest easy knowing your documents are safe with our CRB checked and verified staff.

If you have any questions about our secure courier services or need additional information, you can contact a member of the SRJ Sameday Express team today. We are always happy to help anyone with a relevant question.