When the UK stood still due to COVID-19, same-day courier services allowed the world to keep moving forward. Expectations are regularly changing, and no-one knows what tomorrow holds, which is where same-day courier services come into play.

This blog will share with you the vital part that same day courier services have played during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Increase in e-commerce sales

With many people now working from home, social distancing in place and physical stores setting up restrictions, online shopping has become a go-to option for essentials. Individuals who have never shopped online have used it as a way to obtain their necessities without leaving their home.


During COVID-19, same-day courier services are critical because they can deliver essential goods and documents, quickly and safely. Express same-day, for example, responds to on-demand collections and deliveries so that businesses can continue to operate and function.


With precautions in place to keep drivers and customers safe, same-day courier services provide you with security, safety and peace of mind. Same day courier services provide you with a connection with the outside world, without having to leave your home.

Mental Health

Staying at home, isolated from your friends, colleagues, and family can take its toll on your mental health. A reliable same-day delivery service will allow you to feel connected to the outside world, and you can get documents and products delivered so that you can keep moving forward. Just because you are staying at home, and protecting yourself and others, doesn’t mean you have to be isolated from the world.


COVID-19 might have slowed down businesses, but that doesn’t mean that they have stopped, which is why same day courier services help keep enterprises functioning. Our document services, for example, keep confidential and sensitive documents safe and make sure that they arrive at their intended destination at a specific time.


Delivery services are a way to keep yourself or your business running during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together we will get through this. Stay safe and remember, SRJ Sameday can help with your delivery needs.

There are many more reasons why COVID-19 has made same day courier services so vital, which is why this blog post is only a snippet of those reasons. You can contact a member of the SRJ Sameday team for more information.