For businesses that send out products or important documents, there are two main options for delivery here in the UK – a courier service or Royal Mail. Both options offer benefits to different business models and continue to develop year-on-year to accommodate new technology and growing demand. So, how do you know whether to choose a private courier or stick with Royal Mail? This blog will help you to decide.


E-commerce success relies on trust being built between the business and the end customers. To do this, many depend on the reliability of their same or next day delivery options to give backing to their claims. If speed is a key deciding factor for your business, understanding the scope of this with both businesses. For guaranteed next day delivery, both options have online tracked service that can get to your final destination by a specified time (for Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®, your parcel will arrive before either 9 am or 1 pm). The benefit of a courier service is that they are often able to offer more specific delivery times that fit your customer.


Postage costs are calculated depending on the size of the package or letter in question. For those looking to send parcels, including e-commerce businesses, a courier service offers competitive pricing that generally fairs better than the Royal Mail alternative. On the other hand, letters are best sent through Royal Mail, however, there isn’t the same degree of security offered for sensitive documents as there would be with a secure courier service.


Although many businesses offer a flat service to their customers, choosing a courier allows you to provide a versatile solution to suit everyone’s needs. For example, letting customers choose specific delivery days and dates isn’t always possible with Royal Mail. But an independent courier service can accommodate these within their other shipments, giving you a competitive edge.


Another deciding factor for many businesses is how convenient the chosen shipping method is. Couriers can collect parcels from your place of work, whether that’s an office block or your own house. This means you won’t have to factor in post office trips into your day, giving you more time to be productive and grow your business.

The factors that make the decision will be different for all businesses. Here at SRJ Sameday, we strive to offer a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable service to all of our corporate customers. If you have any questions about our express same-day delivery services or would like to discuss your individual needs, get in contact today.