Our client is one of the top 60 law firms in the country and we have been working closely with them for 7 years. From their offices across the Southwest we make deliveries across the country to various locations including solicitors, civil and criminal courts.

The Problem

With an increasing workload our customer was beginning to deal with more high profile legal cases and they were concerned for the security of documents that were being transported for these cases.

The Implementation

Although we already had rigorous security checks and identification processes we explored what else we could do to make our service more secure. We held a series of meetings with this customer to discuss their concerns and requirements, we were then able to design a unique SRJ Sameday vehicle seal. This fully branded SRJ seal means that the load compartment of the vehicle can be sealed using these tamper proof seals once the documents have been placed inside. Once at the destination the recipient of the documents is the person who can break the seal and this noted on our track and trace system.

Confidential Image

The extra security that this has added to our vehicles along with the pre-existing CRB checks and company identification that our drivers carry means that our customer is safe in the knowledge that their documents have arrived at their destinations without being tampered with. With the increase in fraud and corruption in the society that we live in we believe that it is important to our customers to have this level of security.