Are you considering the pros and cons of working with a courier service? We are here to provide you with 7 reasons why you should use sameday couriers, to help you make up your mind. The blog post will discuss 7 key areas including, delivery speed, liability and risk, cost-effective benefits and more.

  • 1. Delivery Speed

The first reason on our list is the main benefit that comes to mind when people think about sameday courier services, the delivery speed. Our express sameday service means we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • 2. Customer Convenience

When a customer has the option of receiving their product the same day, it means they don’t have to wait in for days, unsure of when the delivery will come. Having the same day delivery is more convenient for customers as it simply means they can order it and receive it quickly.

  • 3. Minimal Vehicle Expenses

Hiring a reliable courier means you are investing in their dedicated drivers and vehicle, which saves you money. You will not be the one using your vehicle to collect the item, which means you can save money on fuel, maintenance and possible repairs for your vehicle.

  • 4. Cost-effective

As well as minimising vehicle expenses, you will also save money in other areas of your business or life. You will not have to pay employees for overtime if they have to collect a product, and you can decrease the size of your own commercial fleet as you will not be utilising all of them.

  • 5. Customer Loyalty

Customers are at the centre of every successful business, and it is no different at SRJ Sameday Express. We value our customers and know the importance of a product when it is requested for same day delivery. Our knowledgeable office staff and experienced drivers work together to make sure our customers come back again and again, as they know they will be receiving their products on time.

  • 6. Suitable For Time-critical Situations

When you are trying to outrun a clock, you won’t win unless you have help. Sameday delivery will free up your time, while your courier focuses on getting your product to you immediately.

  • 7. Reduced Liability and Risk

The final reason on our list about why you should use sameday delivery is that you can reduce liability and risk. When you ask a member of your team to deliver goods, if they were to be involved in an accident, the liability would fall back on the business. When you hire a courier, like SRJ Sameday Express, your liability and risks are reduced significantly, as we have our own insurance policy.

There are many more incentives about why you should use sameday delivery, but those are our top 7. You can contact our experienced team for more details.